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Zadar, a city with a rich historical heritage

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Zadar is a city with an ideal position, protected by the island archipelago of Zadar from the impact of the high seas, which had a great importance in the period of domination of maritime traffic. On land, he makes large inland plains Straight Kotar, which enables smooth spatial expansion, which distinguishes it from other coastal towns. Velebit Zadar area is sharply separated from the continental part of Lika and Croatian, which is the recently amended by highway construction, and Sveti Rok tunnel.

Urban core of the city is already developed by the Romans, whose legacy is still visible in the remnants of the forum, a temple with a portico, aqueduct, an amphitheater, cemeteries, the city wall with towers and a number of the city gates. Certainly the most famous monument of the city and a symbol of a church. Donat from 9th century, which was built on the ruins of the Roman Forum. Zadar – cathedral sv. Stošije Of the valuable religious buildings in the city should also allocate St. Stosija Cathedral. Anastasia with a bell tower that dominates Zadar. It’s nice to look at church. Mary from the 11th century, which belongs to the Benedictine monastery of the same name in which a valuable collection of charters that mention Croatian kings in 11th century. Historical developments have enabled us to today visit numerous sacred objects Zadar area. Medieval Christian Zadar Dalmatia with the headquarters of many churches and monasteries. Of the newer buildings specifically highlight two unique in the world: Sea Organ and Sun Salutation, which are indispensable to each visitor.