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Vrana Lake Nature Park

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Vrana lake near Pakostane rightly named Nature Park. Rich in freshwater fish and is therefore a real fishing paradise for sports anglers who during almost the whole year can hunt on the lake and its shores. Cyclists and hikers will experience indescribable experience on its 30 km long bike trail that goes around the entire lake. The track passes through observation and spaces that take on a magnificent combination of colors with irresistible aromatic scents of wild plants and especially tempting scent of sage. Part of the trail provides a refuge in the coolness of the pine forest.

As one of the few, almost untouched natural habitats of water birds with drinking water and the area of ​​specificity and biodiversity 21.07.1999. Vrana lake with the surrounding area was declared a nature park. Bike track Boundaries of the park between Pirovac and Pakostane. Park of 57 km2, and most of the 30.02 km2 belongs to Vrana deposited in a northwest-southeast direction and providing a parallel to the coast, from which, in places, less than a kilometer away.

According to its position and characteristics in Croatia, but also in the wider European area. In ancient times, called” Clear” mud, which is today known as Vrana, this area abounds with cultural and historical sites dating back two thousand years before Christ. Rarely in which field you for such a short time consumed three completely different landscapes: the coast and rich archipelago in front of her, a Mediterranean wetland with a unique landscape and eco-system, and just behind the hill rural idyll ravnokotarskih settlement. Swimming in the sea and sport fishing on Lake Vrana make Pakostane ideal holiday destination.