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Trogir, city with beautiful historic buildings

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Trogir is located in central Dalmatia, 25 km west of Split, on the northwest end of the Bay. It is the center subregions which occupies an area of ​​250 km ². Trogir area bounded by the territory of the municipality and Rogoznica Sibenik within the county to the west, the county Kaštelanska highlands in the north, in the east of the city castle and Solta island group in the south. The city has a very convenient location as it is located near the largest Dalmatian city of Split, which facilitate the use of various amenities of a large city.

City of Trogir was founded by Greek colonists from the island of Vis in the third. century BC. In Central Europe was considered the best-preserved Romanesque-Gothic town. The castle is surrounded by walls and towers make up the core. The most important cultural monument is the cathedral, which is the western portal door made ​​by master Radovan. Trogir The city of Trogir is situated on the coast Bay, on the island of Ciovo and the mainland, connected to the mainland by a stone bridge. Trogir delights visitors cultural and historical monuments, narrow streets and art collections, with many masterpieces. Entering the sacred objects reveals some less known details of history. Trogir is one of those cities, which are best visited with guided tour guide.