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Sibenik, a town on the estuary of the Krka

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Sibenik is located in a protected natural harbor in the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, ancient Mare Adriaticum, at the mouth of the Krka River, probably where some of the first settlers saw the sea. First mentioned at Christmas 1066th (king Petar Kresimir IV.). 1169.g. of Hungarian King Stephen III. Sibenik received city status and the right of coining money. After the Croatian rulers (and Croatian-Hungarian) and the occasional rule of Venice in the 15th century came under the almost 400-year rule of Venice, and from this period comes the most important cultural and historical monument Sibenik – Sibenik cathedral St. James, built in the 15th and 16 century. 1797th.

Sibenik is a cultural, educational, administrative and economic center of the county, which has 51 553 inhabitants (2001., Along with suburbs). Sibenik City of Sibenik has a very important position in transportation, that enables direct communication. The backbone of the Adriatic tourist road with branching to Drniš (32 km) and Knin (56 km) and further to the Croatian inland. In June 2005., The completion of several sections of the highway Zagreb-Split, Sibenik is connected with Zagreb highway. An important road and railway over Perkovic to Zagreb and Split. Air traffic goes through the Split airport (50 km from Sibenik) and Zadar airport (70 km from Sibenik).