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Pakostane – pearl of Dalmatia

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Pakostane – maps Pakostane is a peaceful little village with about 3000 inhabitants, which is located between Zadar and Sibenik, between the sea and the Vrana Lake, which is the largest natural lake in Croatia. Its area is 30 km2. Of Pakostane is just 1km. Abundant freshwater fish and numerous species of birds, and is also the Bird Reserve. Course for anglers rights pastime and the best views of Lake Vrana can see if you take a ride a bicycle trail that runs around the entire Lake Vrana. Bike trail is approximately 43 km.

With sea Pakostane is surrounded by 5 small islands to which some of them can swim. Vrana Lake – bike track The beaches are rocky and sandy and if you want to get away from civilization, you can visit the island Vrgadaother which is connected to the mainland by a local ferry. The island provides peace and tranquility with a light crickets, beautiful sandy beaches and a walk to the top of the island from where you can see the surrounding islands and Pakostane. In the evening you can go to the center Pakostane and experience the full charm of our village. There are restaurants and taverns where you can taste various delicacies of the coastal region. Of course in a place here entertainment and cultural events throughout the summer, with a rich night life for young people with disco and cocktail bars.