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The island Vrgada is situated in front Pakostane and associated boat service. Ga mentions Constantine Porphyrogenitus in the Middle Ages, was of importance as maritime surveillance point Adriatic times. Even today, there are the ruins of a medieval fortress. This area carries local name Gradina and is located on the hill above the town. The island is located between Pakostane in the north, to the northwest of the island of Pasman, Komati and Murter in the southwest to the southeast. The highest point on the island is the top of a 115 m Srabljinovac

A smaller portion of the island today, agricultural processing. The olive groves and vineyards covered today pine forests and underbrush. Island Vrgada Remaining permanently inhabited, mostly by older people maintain extensive agriculture. It boils down to the sheep, poultry, maintenance of olive groves and cultivation of vegetables for their own use in the area called subsumed. It is interesting to continue to grow some sort of vegetables: čičvarda (Cicer arietinum), Swiss chard (Beta vulgaris), collards, spring beans, etc. The island abounds with plant species that are found everywhere in the Mediterranean and it is no different from many islands in this unified landscape. Grow on the island and plenty of wild edible (smucnja), medicinal (Origanum sp.) And protected plants, such as various flavors of Ophrys sp. In addition to fishing, the population is engaged in fishing, sailing and, sometimes, collecting salt. Modern times have changed and ways of doing business, so the proportion of the population that remains on the island working in tourism. Vrgada Island is a favorite destination for day swimming at beautiful beaches.