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Biograd, old Croatian royal town

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Biograd is first mentioned in the mid-tenth century, while in the XI. century was the seat of Croatian kings and bishops. The largest city flourished as the capital of the medieval Croatian rulers, and the 1102nd it is crowned King of Hungary ihrvatsko Koloman. Once a crown city of Croatian kings, Biograd is today known nautical center in the very heart of Dalmatia.

Besides its cultural and historical heritage, Biograd is known for its beautiful beaches, picturesque coves and promenades. In the city there are many restaurants offering traditional Dalmatian cuisine specialties. Biograd Biograd, the city and port in northern Dalmatia, located 28 km south of Zadar. Located on a small peninsula and the mainland. On the northern side of the bay and to the south Bošana Soline. In front of the Planac Islands and St.. Catherine (the lighthouse). Soline Cove is a large public, sandy beach surrounded by pine trees. Biograd is a local commercial and transportation center, with good transport links with its hinterland, surrounding coastal villages and small towns on the island of Pasman. Passes through the city main Adriatic road, and some 15 km north Benkovac a node on the highway Zagreb – Split.